Material Measurement Laboratory DSpace Terms of Service

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has created a materials science data repository as part of an effort to establish data exchange protocols and mechanisms that will foster data sharing and reuse across a wide community of researchers, with the goal of enhancing the quality of materials data and models. Data present on this system are varied and may originate from within NIST or from the worldwide materials community. Data present on this system may or may not be critically reviewed.

NIST provides this data as a public service and assumes no liability whatsoever for use of the data. NIST provides the data “AS IS” and makes NO WARRANTY OF ANY TYPE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, AND NO WARRANTIY OF NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, The individual data providers define how the data may be used and the terms of use associated with each data entry.

All data in this repository are intended to be public; some data may be a part of invitation-only collections while researchers continue to analyze the data prior to publication, with the goal of making the public data presentable in a meaningful way. Publishable data derived from working data will be made public at the appropriate time (this may coincide with end of a grant or when the data has been accepted for publication).

Anyone having a particular interest in a invitation-only collection should contact the site administrator ( for more information.

Terms of Serivce

As an account holder on the NIST Materials Data server, I understand that my actions and data on the system are subject to the following terms of use:

  1. The Materials Data server is a United States Government resource, and will only be used in support of the sharing and dissemination of scientific data.
  2. Data uploaded to this system are presented to users in the as-provided condition. NIST makes no claims about the utility, veracity, or reliability of data on this system.
  3. Content uploaded to this server will be available to the general public, under suitable license terms selected by the provider. The server will advise downloaders of the license status of hosted content, but NIST takes no responsibility for license enforcement. This is the responsibility of the original data provider.
  4. Content that is part of invitation-only collections or communities will be protected by available technological mechanisms associated with the repository software. NIST does not guarantee that these protection mechanisms will prevent all forms of unauthorized access. Content requiring more stringent guarantees of protection should not be stored on this system.
  5. If data community administrators determine that content uploaded to this server does not contribute to the scientific data dissemination and discovery mission, which is the purpose of this server, the content may be removed without notice.
  6. While every effort is made to ensure the integrity of data deposited on the Materials Data service, the NIST does not guarantee data integrity on this system.
  7. Accounts are assigned to single users. Account holders may not share account credentials with others, or allow others to access their sessions, except system operators, who may require such access for maintenance purposes.
  8. A user who has submitting or administrative rights to the system and who abuses their authority, or has some change in status that disqualifies them for the role, can have their submitter or administrative rights revoked by NIST management.
  9. NIST may monitor system activities or view data uploaded to the server, and may disclose these activities or data for any lawful Government purpose.
  10. NIST remains committed to the operation of public data repositories. NIST may discontinue this service at any time in favor of superior options. Any anticipated discontinuation of service will be announced in advance.