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    • AK Medium Mn T-shape Stamping Test DIC Raw Data 

      Wang, Yu-Wei
      A data set for AK Medium Mn under various configurations
    • AK Medium Mn with Holes and 20 Ton Binder Force
      DIC raw data for Medium Mn T-shape stamping with 20 Ton binder force and holes
    • AK T-shape Stamping Videos and Photos for QP and Medium Mn 

      Wang, Yu-Wei
      DIC Related Videos and Photos for AK T-shape Stamping Components
    • Al Impurity Diffusion in Mg 

      Brennan, Sarah; Warren, Andrew P.; Coffey, Kevin R.; Kulkarni, Nagraj; Todd, Peter; Kilmov, Mikhail; Sohn, Yongho (2013-05-07)
      The diffusion of Al in polycrystalline Mg (99.9%) was studied via depth profiling with secondary ion mass spectrometry in the temperature range of 573-673 K, utilizing the thin film method and thin film solution to the ...
    • Al Melting Point Calculation Using SLUSCHI 

      Hong, Qi-Jun; van de Walle, Axel
      We provide an example of melting temperature calculations using SLUSCHI (Solid and Liquid in Ultra-Small Coexistence with Hovering Interfaces).
    • Al Self-Diffusion Fradin, Rowland 1967 

      Rowland, T. J.; Fradin, F. Y. (2013-10-01)
      Using a radio‐frequency field pulse technique which enables measurement of slow atomic diffusion by means of nuclear magnetic resonance we have obtained, for nominally 6–9's pure Al, an activation energy for self‐diffusion ...
    • Al Self-diffusion, Beyeler 1968 

      Beyeler, M.; Adda, Y. (2014-01-19)
      Self-diffusion of gold, copper and aluminium has been investigated for single crystals treated under pressures of 0 to 10 kbars in a temperature range of 700 °C to 990 °C for copper and gold and 400-610 °C for aluminium. ...
    • Al Self-diffusion, Messer et al. 1974 

      Messer, R.; Dais, S.; Wolf, D. (2014-01-19)
    • Al-Co, Co-Fe Diffusion Mobilities, Ni/Rene88, IN718/Rene88 

      Campbell, Carelyn E.; Zhao, J-C.; Henry, M. F. (2013-05-05)
      A multicomponent diffusion mobility database for the Ni-rich fcc phase [2002Cam] is evaluated by comparing diffusion simulations to two experimental multicomponent Ni-base superalloy diffusion couples: Ni/Rene´-88 and ...
    • Al-Co-W 900C Phase Equilibria Data 

      Lass, Eric; Maureen E. Williams; Carelyn E. Campbell; Kil-Won Moon; Ursula R. Kattner (2014-09-03)
      Phase equilibria at 900 °C in the Co-rich Co-Al-W ternary system are investigated through isothermal annealing of six alloy compositions for times up to 8000 h. The volume fraction of the L12-γ′ phase co-existing with ...
    • Al-Cr-Ni Thermodynamic Re-Assessment of the Ternary System 

      Dupin, N.; Ansara, I.; Sundman, B. (2013-01-31)
      A re-assessment of the ternary system A1-Cr-Ni following Dupin's thesis work using a single Gibbs energy function for the gamma and gamma prime phases is presented taking into account new experimental liquidus temperatures. ...
    • Al-Cr-Ti Assessment of diffusion mobility for the bcc phase 

      Cui, Y.W.; Hu, Rui; Li, Weibang; Tang, Bin; Zhou, Lian (2013-04-01)
      Experimental diffusion data in the literature were critically assessed to develop the diffusion mobility for the bcc phase of the Ti–Al–Cr system by means of a DICTRA-type (Diffusion Controlled Transformation) diffusion ...
    • Al-Cr-Ti–V Thermodynamic assessment of the ordered B2 phase 

      Wang, H.; Warnken, N.; Reed, R.C. (2013-03-29)
      Thermodynamic assessment of the ordered B2 phase in the quaternary Ti–V–Cr–Al system is carried out. A set of self-consistent thermodynamic parameters is presented. A two-sublattice model (Al,Cr,Ti,V )0.5: (Al,Cr,Ti,V )0.5 ...
    • Al-Cu Symmetric/Asymmetric Tilt Grain Boundary Dataset 

      Tschopp, Mark A.; Coleman, Shawn P.; McDowell, David L.
      Symmetric and asymmetric tilt grain boundaries in Cu and Al were generated using molecular statics energy minimization in LAMMPS with in-plane grain boundary translations and an atom deletion criterion. The following ...
    • Al-Cu-Fe Interdiffusivities and atomic mobilities 

      Cui, S.L.; Dai, C.; Du, Y.; Wang, Shaoqing; Xu, Honghui; Yin, Ming; Zhang, Feng; Zhang, L. (2013-04-01)
      Using solid/solid diffusion couples and the electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) technique, the interdiffusion coefficients in fcc Cu–Al–Fe alloys at 1273 K were determined by means of Whittle and Green’s method. Based on ...
    • Al-Cu-Y Thermodynamic description 

      Huang, G.X.; Jin, Z.P.; Liu, Libin; Luo, H.T.; Masset, P.; Tao, X.M.; Zhang, L. (2013-04-01)
      Phase equilibria in the ternary Al–Cu–Y system have been analyzed by coupling the CALPHAD method and first-principles calculations, and a complete thermodynamic description was obtained. The thermodynamic descriptions of ...
    • Al-Fe Thermodynamic Assessment 

      Sundman, Bo; Ohnuma, Ikuo; Dupin, Nathalie; Kattner, Ursula R; Fries, Suzana G. (2013-03-28)
      The Al–Fe system is important for many alloys and the new interest in iron aluminides makes it necessary to improve the modeling of the different ordered forms on the body-centered cubic lattice in this system. This has ...
    • Al-Li-Zn Thermodynamic description 

      Guo, Cuiping; Liang, Yu; Li, Changrong; Du, Zhenmin (2013-03-29)
      The Al–Li–Zn system was critically assessed using the CALPHAD technique. The solution phases (liquid, bcc, fcc and hcp) were described by the substitutional solution model. The compounds Al2Li3 and Al4Li9 in the Al–Li ...
    • Al-Mg COST 507 Thermochemical database for light metal alloys 

      Ansara, I; Dinsdale, AT; Rand, MH (1998-07)
      Bearing in mind the alloy categories defined by industrial partners at the beginning of the Action, a matrix was drawn up to define the binary systems forming the building blocks for the evaluation of higher-order systems. ...
    • Al_Cr_Ni Diffusion Mobilities in Gamma Prime and B2 

      Campbell, C.E. (2013-02-11)
      This work presents the assessment of the diffusion mobilities in both the γ′ (Ni3Al-L12) and B2 (NiAl) phases in the Ni–Al–Cr system utilizing the phenomenological model developed by Helander and Ågren. Available experimental ...