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    • Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Ternary Alloy Phase Diagram 

      ASM International (2013-12-03)
      Ternary isothermal diagram ( 427°C), crystal data, melting points.
    • Al–Pt First-principles calculations and thermodynamic modeling 

      Kim, D.E.; Liu, Z.-K.; Manga, V.R.; Prins, S.N. (2013-03-29)
      Thermodynamic description of the Al–Pt binary system is modeled by combining first-principles calculations with the CALPHAD method. The four-sublattice and two-sublattice compound energy formalisms are used to model the ...
    • Annealing Kinetics of Voids and the Self-Diffusion Coefficient in Aluminum 

      Volin, T. E.; Balluffi, R. W. (2014-01-20)
      The annealing kinetics of voids in 99.9999 wt% pure aluminum were studied over the temperature range 85 to 209 °C in thin specimens by transmission electron microscopy. The isothermal shrinkage of individual voids was ...
    • Anodizing 

      Milton F. Stevenson, Jr. (2013-12-03)
      IN GENERAL, anodizing refers to conversion coating of the surface of aluminum and its alloys to porous aluminum oxide. The process derives its name from the fact that the aluminum part to be coated becomes the anode in an ...
    • ANSYS 

      ANSYS, Inc.
      Finite element analysis software for structural physics that can simulate static, dynamic and heat transfer  problems. ANSYS now markets a variety of software programs that serve simulation and modeling needs. 
    • Antiphase boundary energy of Ni3Al with Ti impurities from Monte Carlo simulations 

      Sun, Ruoshi; van de Walle, Axel (2016-04-07)
      {111}<110> antiphase boundary (APB) energy of Ni3Al with varying Ti impurity concentration (x=0.1, 1, 10%) and temperature (T=400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 K) are obtained from cluster expansion and Monte Carlo ...
    • AnyCasting 

      AnyCasting.CO LTD
      "AnyCasting is an analysis program designed exclusively for casting processes." The program predicts filling times, solidification patterns, casting defects, etc. with speed and accuracy. AnyCasting also predicts final ...
    • ATK 

      Quantum Wise
      Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) is a software package that offers unique capabilities for simulating nanostructures on the atomic scale. Users can work with either the Virtual NanoLab GUI or using Python scripts. 
    • Atomic Pseudopotentials Engine 

      Micael Oliveira; Fernando Nogueira; Tiago Cerqueira
      APE (Atomic Pseudopotential Engine) is a tool for generating atomic pseudopotentials within a Density-Functional Theory framework. It is distributed under the GPL and it produces pseudopotential files suitable for use with ...
    • Atomistic Stress Simulator (WARP) 

      Steve Plimpton
      WARP is a parallel molecular dynamics simulation code for modeling stress and strain in materials using embedded atom method (EAM) and Lennard-Jones (LJ) potentials. It is written in F90 and performs message-passing via ...
    • ATOMPAW 

      N. A. W. Holzwarth; A. R. Tackett; G. E. Matthews
      "The computer program atompaw generates projector and basis functions which are needed for performing electronic structure calculations based on the Projector Augmented Wave (PAW) method. The program is applicable to ...
    • Au - HCP - Migration energy 

      Morgan, Dane (2013-05-06)
      Migration energy for HCP gold, self-diffusion.
    • Au Replication data tensile deformation gold nanowire 

      Tavazza, Francesca (2013-01-31)
      Under tensile deformation, Au nanowires (NWs) elongate to form single atom chains via a series of intermediate structural transformations. These intermediate structures are investigated using static density functional ...
    • Au, Cu, Pd and Pt alloys Mobilities and diffusivities 

      Du, Y.; Liang, D.; Liu, Yajun; Wang, Jiang; Zhang, L. (2013-03-29)
      Based on the CALPHAD technique, the atomic mobilities and diffusivities in fcc Fe–X (X=Ag, Au, Cu, Pd and Pt) alloys have been critically studied. The thermodynamic descriptions and various types of diffusivities are ...
    • Au–Ga Thermodynamic assessment 

      Wang, J.; Liu, Y.J.; Liu, H.Y.; Liu, L.B.; Jin, Z.P. (2013-03-29)
      The Au–Ga binary system was assessed thermodynamically using the CALPHAD method through Thermo-calc® software based on the critical review of the available experimental data from the published literature. The solution ...
    • Avizo 3D Software 

      Avizo is a 3D analysis software for scientific and industrial data. Wherever three-dimensional imaging data sets need to be processed, in materials science, geosciences or engineering applications, Avizo offers abundant ...
    • BigDFT 

      Luigi Genovese; Thierry Deutsch
      BigDFT is an ab initio code based on Daubechies wavelets.
    • BIOVIA Materials Studio 

      BIOVIA - Dassault Systèmes
      The Materials Studio modeling environment supports predictions and investigations of materials' structure-property relationships. The modeling environment includes solution methods for quantum, atomistic, mesoscale, and ...
    • Bi–Lu and Lu–Sb Thermodynamic assessments 

      Gan, S.X.; Gao, F.; Liu, X.J.; Wang, C.P.; Wang, S.L. (2013-04-01)
      The phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties in the Bi–Lu and Lu–Sb binary systems have been assessed by using the CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) method on the basis of experimental data including the thermodynamic ...
    • Bulk Properties of Powders 

      John W. Carson and Brian H. Pittenger (2013-12-03)
      THE P/M INDUSTRY has grown considerably in the past decade. As a result of this growth, more critical components in the automotive, aircraft, tooling, and industrial equipment industries are being considered for manufacture ...