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    • BigDFT 

      Luigi Genovese; Thierry Deutsch
      BigDFT is an ab initio code based on Daubechies wavelets.
    • BIOVIA Materials Studio 

      BIOVIA - Dassault Systèmes
      The Materials Studio modeling environment supports predictions and investigations of materials' structure-property relationships. The modeling environment includes solution methods for quantum, atomistic, mesoscale, and ...
    • Bi–Lu and Lu–Sb Thermodynamic assessments 

      Gan, S.X.; Gao, F.; Liu, X.J.; Wang, C.P.; Wang, S.L. (2013-04-01)
      The phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties in the Bi–Lu and Lu–Sb binary systems have been assessed by using the CALPHAD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) method on the basis of experimental data including the thermodynamic ...
    • Bulk Properties of Powders 

      John W. Carson and Brian H. Pittenger (2013-12-03)
      THE P/M INDUSTRY has grown considerably in the past decade. As a result of this growth, more critical components in the automotive, aircraft, tooling, and industrial equipment industries are being considered for manufacture ...
    • C-Mn Thermodynamic assessment 

      Appen, J.; Djurovic, D.; Drownskowski, R.; Hallstedt, B. (2013-03-29)
      The manganese–carbon system has been assessed by means of the CALPHAD method. There is a previous description of this system [W. Huang, Scand. J. Metall., 19 (1990) 26–32], but since then a number of high quality experimental ...
    • CaCO3-MgCO3 and CdCO3-MgCO3 

      Burton, Bejnamin P. (2014-11-20)
      Planewave pseudopotential calculations of supercell total energies were used as bases for firstprinciples calculations of the CaCO3–MgCO3 and CdCO3–MgCO3 phase diagrams. Calculated phase diagrams are in qualitative to ...
    • CaCO3-MgCO3 CdCO3–MgCO Subsolidus phase diagrams 

      Burton, Benjamin P. (2013-04-03)
      Planewave pseudopotential calculations of supercell total energies were used as bases for first-principles calculations of the CaCO3–MgCO3 and CdCO3–MgCO3 phase diagrams. Calculated phase diagrams are in qualitative to ...

      Guido Dhondt; Klaus Wittig
      CalculiX is a free finite element analysis software. "With CalculiX Finite Element Models can be build, calculated and post-processed. The pre- and post-processor is an interactive 3D-tool using the openGL API. The solver ...
    • Cambridge Analytic Derivatives Package (CADPAC) 

      R. D. Amos
      CADPAC, the Cambridge Analytic Derivatives Package, is a suite of programs for ab initio computational chemistry calculations. *This software is no longer supported.*
    • CASTEP 

      Matthew Segall; Matt Probert; Stewart Clark; Phil Hasnip; Keith Refson; Jonathan Yates; Mike Payne
      CASTEP is a full-featured materials modelling code based on a first-principles quantum mechanical description of electrons and nuclei. It uses the robust methods of a plane-wave basis set and pseudopotentials.
    • CATIA 

      Dassault Systèmes
      CATIA offers, through a multidisciplinary approach, a full spectrum of design capabilities that enables efficient collaboration to encourage innovation across the extended enterprise. The CATIA product suite includes: CATIA ...
    • Chromate Conversion Coatings 

      Unknown author (2013-12-03)
    • Co-(Ni)-Al-W alloy DSC measured temperatures: Curie, solvus, solidus, and liquidus temperatures 

      Lass, Eric A.
      Co-(Ni)-Al-W Ternary and Quaternary DSC measured Curie, solvus, solidus, and liquidus temperatures.
    • Co-Al-W Diffusion Mobilities 

      Moon, Kil-Won; Campbell, Carelyn; Williams, Maureen; Boettinger, William (2016-04)
      Diffusion couple experiments between various Co-rich face centered cubic (FCC) alloys in the Co-W-Al ternary system have been conducted at 900 °C and 1000 °C. Diffusion coefficients have been extracted for the Co-W binary ...
    • Co-Pt Thermodynamic modeling of fcc order/disorder transformations 

      Du, Kong; Kim, D.E.; Liu, Z.-K.; Saal, J.; Shang, Shun-Li; Zhou, L.C. (2013-04-01)
      The present work reports on a thermodynamic modeling of the Co–Pt system with ordered fcc phases of L10 and L12 structures by means of the CALPHAD method. The liquid, hcp and fcc phases have been modeled as substitutional ...
    • Co-Sm Thermodynamic modeling 

      Yuan, Yuan; Yi, JianHong; Borzone, G.; Watson, A. (2013-04-01)
      The phase diagram of the Co–Sm system has been assessed by applying the Calculation of Phase Diagram (CALPHAD) technique. Thermochemical and phase equilibrium information from the literature have been critically evaluated, ...
    • Cold Extrusion 

      M. Bhupatiraju and R. Greczanik (2013-12-03)
      COLD EXTRUSION is a push-through compressive forming process with the starting material (billet/slug) at room temperature. During the process, however, the deforming material undergoes deformation heating (conversion of ...
    • Color Metallography 

      George F. Vander Voort (2013-12-03)
      The use of color in metallography has a long history, with color micrographs published over the past eighty-some years. A number of general articles have been published reviewing methods and applications. Natural color is ...
    • Color Metallography 

      Mario Epler (2013-12-03)
      Precipitation reactions are of great importance in engineering alloys. This general phenomenon occurs in many different alloy systems when one phase transforms into a mixed-phase system as a result of cooling from high ...