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    • DACAPO 

      Marcin Dulak
      This tool performs calculations for Local Density Approximation (LDA) and Generalized Gradient Approximation (GGA) exchange-correlations potentials as well as various molecular dynamics calculations. Dacapo is a total ...
    • Dante 

      DANTE Solutions
      DANTE enables predition of the effects of chemistry and process variables on hardness, residual stress state, metallurgical phase distribution, and dimensions.
    • A Dataset for the Development, Verification and Validation of Microstructure-sensitive Process Models in Near-alpha Titanium Alloys 

      Pilchak, Adam L.; Shank, Jared; Tucker, Joseph C.; Srivatsa, Shesh; Fagin, Patrick N.; Semiatin, Lee
      Near-alpha titanium alloys are used for moderate-temperature applications in the early stages of the compressor in gas turbine engines. The quasi-static and fatigue properties of these alloys depend heavily on microstructure ...
    • DEFORM 

      Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation
      DEFORM is a suite of programs designed to analyze metal forming, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining processes.
    • Deformation Processing 

      FC Campbell (2013-12-03)
      Metalworking processes are commonly classified as either hot working or cold working operations. Primary metalworking processes, such as the bulk deformation processes used to conduct the initial breakdown of cast ingots, ...
    • deMon 

      Gerald Geudtner
      deMon (density of Montréal) is a software package for density functional theory (DFT) calculations. It uses the linear combination of Gaussian-type orbital (LCGTO) approach for the self-consistent solution of the Kohn-Sham ...
    • The development of hardness homogeneity in aluminum and an aluminum alloy processed by ECAP 

      Cheng Xu; Terence G. Langdon (2013-12-03)
      Equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) is an effective fabrication process for obtaining ultrafine-grained materials. This paper examines the development of homogeneity in materials processed by ECAP with emphasis on samples ...
    • DICTRA 

      Thermo-Calc Software AB
      DICTRA is an add-on module to Thermo-Calc for the accurate simulation of diffusion controlled reactions in multicomponent alloy systems. DICTRA is based on the numerical solution of the multicomponent diffusion equations ...

      Murdock, J. F.; Lundy, T.S; Stansbury, E.E (2013-07-03)
      The diffusion of Ti44 and V48 in the b.c.c. phase of iodide titanium has been studied over the temperature range 909-1550°C. The resulting Arrhenius-type plots show curvature with the apparent activation energies and ...
    • Diffusion under stress of Si impurities in Ni: a first principles study 

      Manga, Venkateswara R; Trinkle, Dallas R.; Bellon, Pascal (2014-08-01)
    • Dislostructures 

      Sebastein Groh
      Dislocation.f90 is a short program that generates edge/screw dislocations in different different crystal structures, FCC, HCP and BCC. The dislocations can be introduced in the form of a periodic array or a single infinite ...
    • DL Visualize 

      The current release features an interface to the ab-initio periodic Hartree-Fock/DFT software package, CRYSTAL, the EXAFS analysis program DL_EXCURV, GULP v3 and the SXRD package ROD. DLV provides the ability to construct ...
    • DMol 

      Accelrys Software Inc.
      DMol3 is a modeling program, and comes as part of Simulia's Materials Studio, that uses density functional theory (DFT) to simulate chemical processes and predict properties of materials both rapidly and accurately. Because ...
    • DRAFT Protocols at BASF and timing 

      Wohlleben, Wendel
    • DREAM.3D 

      Group listed at
      DREAM3D allows users to reconstruct and analyze 3D microstructures from a variety of sources including EBSD data (TSL & Oxford Instruments) and synthetically generated sources. In addition, the program allows the user to ...
    • DYNAMO 

      Unknown author
      DYNAMO is commonly used for MEAM (modified embedded atom method) interatomic potential generation. Alternative to LAMMPS.
    • EBSD results 

      Abu-Farha, Fadi
    • EBSD results 

      Abu-Farha, Fadi
    • Effect of solutes on the lattice parameters and elastic stiffness coefficients of body-centered tetragonal Fe 

      Fellinger, Michael R.; Hector, Louis G. Jr.; Trinkle, Dallas R. (2018-03-03)
      We compute changes in the lattice parameters and elastic stiffness coefficients Cij of body-centered tetragonal (bct) Fe due to Al, B, C, Cu, Mn, Si, and N solutes. Solute strain misfit tensors determine changes in the ...
    • EKKcapcast 

      EKK Inc
      EKK�s Finite Element Method (FEM) based EKKcapcast software includes Solidification, Thermal , Fluid flow, Stress and Porosity analysis tools which can accurately identify your casting defects and help you optimize your ...