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    • PAM-CRASH 

      Pam-Crash is a software package from ESI Group used for crash simulation and the design of occupant safety systems, primarily in the automotive industry. The software enables automotive engineers to simulate the performance ...
    • PbTiO3: Dipole moment of a Pb-O vacancy pair 

      Burton, Benjamin P. (2013-04-08)
      The polarization of a nearest-neighbor (nn) Pb-O vacancy pair [(VPb-VO)nn] in PbTiO3 is calculated, using the modern theory of polarization, implemented in the density-functional-theory ultrasoft pseudopotential formalism. ...
    • Pd–S Thermodynamic modeling 

      Dogan, O.; Gao, M.; Hu, R.X.; King, P.; Widom, M. (2013-03-29)
      Sulfur poisoning of PdCu membrane alloys has promoted new alloy development that requires quantitative understanding of the thermodynamics of the Pd–Cu–S system. This study attempts to develop a self-consistent thermodynamic ...
    • Phase Diagram Calculations in Teaching, Research, and Industry 

      Y. Austin Chang (2013-12-03)
      2003 Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecture ASM International presents an overview, undoubtedly a personal one, on the impact of Phase Diagram Calculations on Teaching, Research and Industrial 12 instances of 6061.
    • Phase equilibria and thermodynamic calculation of the CoeTa binary system 

      Shinagawa, Kazuya; Chinen, Hibiki; Omori, Toshihiro; Oikawa, Katsunari; Ohnuma, Ikuo; Ishida, Kiyohito; Kainuma, Ryosuke (2014-09-29)
      Experimental investigation and thermodynamic evaluation of the CoeTa binary phase diagram was carried out. Equilibrium compositions obtained in two-phase alloys and diffusion couples were measured by electron probe ...
    • Poseidon 

      Sungho Kim
      A concurrent multi-scale simulation program using molecular dynamic simulation and density functional theory calculation. Research version is available to CAVS (Mississippi State University) researchers only.
    • The Production of Extruded Semifinished Products from Metallic Materials, 

      Unknown author (2013-12-03)
      Aluminum alloys are covered on pages 207 -239 The hot-working process extrusion is covered for a wide selection of metals with varying degrees of extrudability. This is the translation of a German book, so  6061 appears ...
    • Properties of Wrought Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 

      ASM International (2013-12-03)
      Properties of specific wrought alloy alloys are presented in a structured format. Includes specifications, composition, applications, physical and mechanical properties, and fabrication characteristics. 6061 in one section.
    • Q&P980 T-shape Stamping DIC Raw Data 

      Wang, Yu-Wei
      A data set of QP980 T-shape stamping DIC raw data under various configurations
    • Quantitative Characterization and Representation of Global Microstructural Geometry 

      Arun M. Gokhale (2013-12-03)
      It is the central precept of materials science that processing governs microstructure and the microstructure influences the properties and performance of materials. Consequently, quantitative characterization and mathematical ...
    • Raw and Processed Data to Generate Three-Dimensional Grain Map of Open-Cell Aluminum Foam 

      Plumb, Jayden; Lind, Jonathan; Tucker, Joseph; Kelley, Ron; Spear, Ashley (2018-08-03)
      A three-dimensional grain map of an investment-cast, open-cell, aluminum foam is generated using a combination of experimentally derived and synthetically derived data. Specifically, the experimental data are derived from ...
    • RbBr–TbBr3 Thermodynamic investigation 

      Chen, T.F.; Gaune-Escard, M.; Gong, W.P.; Jin, ZhanPeng; Wu, Y. (2013-03-29)
      The thermodynamic properties and phase diagram of the RbBr–TbBr3 system were analyzed by means of the CALPHAD method in this work. Thermodynamic models were defined in order to describe the Gibbs energies of the individual ...
    • Recrystallization of an AlMgSi alloy after different modes of hot deformation 

      Tanja Pettersen; E. Nes (2013-12-03)
      Recrystallization of an AlMgSi alloy has been studied after deformation in torsion and plane strain compression. The main emphasis has been focused on describing the development of nuclei in shear deformed material, and a ...
    • Rotary Forging 

      Unknown author (2013-12-03)
      ROTARY FORGING, or orbital forging, is a two-die forging process that deforms only a small portion of the workpiece at a time in a continuous manner. Unfortunately, the term rotary forging is sometimes used to describe the ...
    • RVE fracture VUMAT 

      Bower, Allan F.
    • SciPy 

      Unknown author
      SciPy is a Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering. Core packages include NumPy for arrays, the SciPy core scientific libraries, the MatPlotLib 2D visualization tool, the ...