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    • Ag-Al Functional Description 

      Du, Zeting; Jing, Zhan-Peng; Li, Changrong; Niu, Chunji (2013-01-31)
      The energy expressions for GP zones in the Al–Ag binary system, including the ε-state and the η-state ones, are established by combining the essential Gibbs energy for the matrix alloy with the interfacial energy and the ...
    • Al-Cr-Ni Thermodynamic Re-Assessment of the Ternary System 

      Dupin, N.; Ansara, I.; Sundman, B. (2013-01-31)
      A re-assessment of the ternary system A1-Cr-Ni following Dupin's thesis work using a single Gibbs energy function for the gamma and gamma prime phases is presented taking into account new experimental liquidus temperatures. ...