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    • TiO_X 

      Burton, Bejnamin P.; van de Walle, Axel (2014-09-29)
      First principles based phase diagram calculations were performed for the hexagonal closest packed octahedral-interstitial solid solution system aTiOX, or aTi½ 1 XOX ([ ]¼Vacancy; 0rXr1=2), by the cluster expansion (CE) ...
    • ZrO-X 

      Burton, Benjamin (2013-04-08)
    • ZrSiO4-HfSiO4 

      Burton, Benjamin (2013-05-09)
      ZrSiO4 and HfSiO4 are of considerable interest because of their low thermal expansions, thermal conductivities, and the optical properties of HfSiO4. In addition, silicate phases of both are studied as model radioactive ...