Composition, temperature, and pressure dependent chemical thermodynamic and phase equilibria data.

Recent Submissions

  • Co-(Ni)-Al-W alloy DSC measured temperatures: Curie, solvus, solidus, and liquidus temperatures 

    Lass, Eric A.
    Co-(Ni)-Al-W Ternary and Quaternary DSC measured Curie, solvus, solidus, and liquidus temperatures.
  • Phase equilibria and thermodynamic calculation of the CoeTa binary system 

    Shinagawa, Kazuya; Chinen, Hibiki; Omori, Toshihiro; Oikawa, Katsunari; Ohnuma, Ikuo; Ishida, Kiyohito; Kainuma, Ryosuke (2014-09-29)
    Experimental investigation and thermodynamic evaluation of the CoeTa binary phase diagram was carried out. Equilibrium compositions obtained in two-phase alloys and diffusion couples were measured by electron probe ...
  • Al-Co-W 900C Phase Equilibria Data 

    Lass, Eric; Maureen E. Williams; Carelyn E. Campbell; Kil-Won Moon; Ursula R. Kattner (2014-09-03)
    Phase equilibria at 900 °C in the Co-rich Co-Al-W ternary system are investigated through isothermal annealing of six alloy compositions for times up to 8000 h. The volume fraction of the L12-γ′ phase co-existing with ...