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    • Thermodynamic analysis of the topologically close packed σ phase in the Co-Cr system 

      Wang, Peisheng; Peters, Matthew C.; Kattner, Ursula R.; Choudhary, Kamal; Olson, Gregory B (2019-11)
      Density functional theory (DFT) calculations show that it is essential to consider the magnetic contribution to the total energy for the end-members of the σ phase. A more straightforward method to use the DFT results in ...
    • Thermodynamic assessment of the Co-Ta system 

      Wang, Peisheng; Koßmann, Jörg; Kattner, Ursula R; Palumbo, Mauro; Hammerschmidt, Thomas; Olson, Gregory B (2018-12)
      The Co-Ta system has been reviewed and the thermodynamic description was re-assessed in the present work. DFT (density functional theory) calculations considering spin polarization were performed to obtain the energies for ...
    • Thermodynamic re-assessment of the Al-Co-W system 

      Wang, Peisheng; Xiong, Wei; Kattner, Ursula R.; Campbell, Carelyn E.; Lass, Eric A.; Kontsevoi, Oleg Y.; Olson, Gregory B.
      The Al-Co-W system and its binary sub-systems Al-Co, Al-W and Co-W were critically reviewed. The thermodynamic description of the Al-Co-W system including all three binaries was developed considering thermodynamic and ...