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    • Computational study of atomic mobility for bcc phase in Ti–Al–Fe system 

      Yi Chen; Jinshan Li; Bin Tang; Hongchao Kou; J. Segurado; Yuwen Cui
      Experimental diffusion data were critically assessed to develop the atomic mobility for the bcc phase of the Ti–Al–Fe system by using the DICTRA software. Good agreements were obtained from comprehensive comparisons made ...
    • Interdiffusivities and atomic mobilities in FCC Co–Mo–W alloys 

      Xuwen He; Weibin Zhang; Mingyuan Yan; Chong Chen; Yong Du; Lijun Zhang; Bai-yun Huang
      By employing six groups of bulk diffusion couples together with electron probe microanalysis technique, the composition dependence of ternary interdiffusion coefficients in Co-rich fcc Co–Mo–W alloys at 1373 K was determined ...