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    • V-Zn Experimental results and thermodynamic assessment 

      Wu, C.; Su, X.; Liu, D.; Wang, Xinming; Wang, Jianhua; Li, Z.; Peng, H. (2013-04-01)
      Experimental investigation followed by thermodynamic assessment of the V–Zn system was carried out in the present study. A series of V–Zn alloys annealed at various temperatures were examined using scanning electron ...
    • V–Zn Thermodynamic Assessment by key experiments and first-principles calculations 

      Chang, Keke; Du, Y.; Sun, W.H.; Xu, Honghui; Zhou, L.C. (2013-03-28)
      The V–Zn system was investigated by a combination of CALPHAD modeling with key experiments and first-principles calculations. Based on a critical literature review, one diffusion couple and nine alloys were designed to ...