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    • A Study in Phase Equilibria in the Cr-Mo-Ni System 

      Frisk, Karin
      A thermodynamic evaluation of the Cr-Mo-Ni system has been performed using a computerized optimization procedure . Parameters describing the Gibbs energy of the various phases have been calculated. The intermetallic phases ...
    • Thermodynamic Description of the Ti-Al-O System Based on Experimental Data 

      Ilatovskaia, Mariia; Savinykh, Galina; Fabrichnaya, Olga (2017-06-08)
      Phase equilibria of the TiO2-Al2O3 system were investigated experimentally using XRD, SEM/EDX and DTA methods. Temperature stability limits of the aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5) were detected. The thermodynamic parameters of ...