Recent Submissions

  • Interdiffusion in the Ni-Re System: Evaluation of Uncertainties 

    Boettinger, William J; Williams, Maureen E; Moon, Kil-Won; McFadden, Geoffrey B; Patrone, Paul N; Perepezko, John H (2017-06-22)
    Diffusion couple experiments between Ni and Re at 1200 and 1350 °C were performed. These experiments established the limits of the two-phase FCC + HCP region. No intermediate phase was observed at these temperatures. ...
  • Co-Al-W Diffusion Mobilities 

    Moon, Kil-Won; Campbell, Carelyn; Williams, Maureen; Boettinger, William (2016-04)
    Diffusion couple experiments between various Co-rich face centered cubic (FCC) alloys in the Co-W-Al ternary system have been conducted at 900 °C and 1000 °C. Diffusion coefficients have been extracted for the Co-W binary ...
  • Al-Co, Co-Fe Diffusion Mobilities, Ni/Rene88, IN718/Rene88 

    Campbell, Carelyn E.; Zhao, J-C.; Henry, M. F. (2013-05-05)
    A multicomponent diffusion mobility database for the Ni-rich fcc phase [2002Cam] is evaluated by comparing diffusion simulations to two experimental multicomponent Ni-base superalloy diffusion couples: Ni/Rene´-88 and ...