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    • High-throughput Diffraction and Spectroscopic Data for Fe-Cr-Al Oxidation Studies 

      Bunn, Jonathan K.; Fang, Randy L.; Albing, Mark R.; Mehta, Apurva; Kramer, Matt J.; Besser, Matt F.; Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R (2015-06-28)
      The data set was used to evaluate a Fe-Cr-Al thin film samples in a narrow composition region centered on known bulk compositions. The data are composed of two individual studies. The first set of data is a low temperature ...
    • Synchrotron Diffraction and Composition Data Sets of Co-Fe-Zr Metallic Glasses 

      Fang, Ren; Mehta, Apurva; Williams, Travis; Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R (2017-07-12)
      The dataset summarizes a series of high-throughput studies on the Co-Fe-Zr metallic glass system with a total of 1323 unique alloys having been investigated. The primary goal of the work was to identify unsupervised ...