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    • High-throughput Diffraction and Spectroscopic Data for Fe-Cr-Al Oxidation Studies 

      Bunn, Jonathan K.; Fang, Randy L.; Albing, Mark R.; Mehta, Apurva; Kramer, Matt J.; Besser, Matt F.; Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R (2015-06-28)
      The data set was used to evaluate a Fe-Cr-Al thin film samples in a narrow composition region centered on known bulk compositions. The data are composed of two individual studies. The first set of data is a low temperature ...
    • In-Situ High-Throughput Synchrotron Diffraction Data of Multiple Principle Component Alloy Thin Films 

      Ruiz-Yi, Benjamin; Bunn, Jonathan K.; Stasak, Drew; Mehta, Apurva; Besser, Matthew; Kramer, Matthew J.; Takeuchi, Ichiro; Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R. (2016-08-05)
      This data set is composed of a set of labeled synchrotron diffraction data taken at beamline 1-5 at SLAC on (Al1−x−yCuxMoy)FeNiTiVZr composition spread samples. The data were taken to test the relative importance of ...