An adhesive formulated to meet the demanding performance requirements of MIL-PRF-32662 Group 1 specifications resulted in a significant improvement in static load retention strength when tested using the tensile butt joint geometry specified by the Guinness World Records. This not only highlights the high-performance capabilities of military-grade adhesives but also demonstrates the potential for military performance specifications to drive technological advances in dual-use market sectors. By setting rigorous performance standards, the military can encourage the development of innovative and high-performance adhesive solutions that can be adopted and utilized in various industries beyond military applications.

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  • Testing Military-Grade Adhesive in Extreme Loading Conditions 

    Deschepper, Daniel; Gray, David; Moy, Paul; Walter, Timothy; Jensen, Robert; Pollum, Marvin; Hellerman, Edward; Kriley, Joseph; Nakajima, Masa; Rearick, Brian
    Military performance requirements for adhesives have been traditionally derived to fulfill niche defense needs in harsh operational environments with little consideration for dual-use commercial potential. The drawback ...