The objective of this dedicated series is to provide a broad perspective on the current state-of-the-art in tools, methods, applications and approaches in 3D Materials Science. This special collection emphasizes the full spectrum of three-dimensional materials science challenges and recent developments including novel uses of established methods (e.g. serial-sectioning, FIB, LEAP), emerging techniques (e.g. x-ray tomography, 3DXRD, femto-second laser), 3D microstructural evolution in time (4D Materials Science), multi-modal data collection (e.g. combining EBSD and/or elemental mapping with other techniques), and the pairing of three-dimensional microstructures with computational modeling. A key benefit of publishing in Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI) is the capability to share data, codes, videos, and other files associated with your article. Authors are highly encouraged to make the key data supporting their journal article in this series available for others to access.

This collection will provide a single location for the datasets associated with this special issue of IMMI, will assign a persistent ID to the dataset, and will allow bi-directional linking between the dataset and the IMMI article.

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