Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation (IMMI) , a SpringerOpen Journal published by TMS, provides an Open Access platform for the presentation of novel efforts seeking to build an integrated engineering framework to solve a pervasive or recurring need in materials and manufacturing.

Datasets submitted in support of articles published as IMMI's General Articles or in Thematic Series will be archived at the NIST data repository.

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Recent Submissions

  • Systems Design Approach to Low-Cost Coinage Materials 

    Lass, Erc; Stoudt, Mark; Campbell, Carelyn (2015-11-06)
    A system design approach using an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) was used to design three new low-cost seamless replacement coinage alloys to reduce the raw material of the current US coinage alloys. ...
  • A computational framework for material design 

    Li, Shengyen; Kattner, Ursula; Campbell, Carelyn (2017-08-18)
    A computational framework is proposed that enables the integration of experimental and computational data, a variety of user-selected models, and a computer algorithm to direct a design optimization. To demonstrate this ...
  • Ultrahigh Carbon Steel Micrographs 

    Hecht, Matthew D.; DeCost, Brian L.; Francis, Toby; Holm, Elizabeth A.; Picard, Yoosuf N.; Webler, Bryan A.
    We present a new microstructure informatics dataset consisting of ultrahigh carbon steel (UHCS) micrographs taken over a range of length scales under systematically varied heat treatments. Using the UHCS dataset as a case ...
  • Tensile and Microindentation Stress-Strain Curves of Al-6061 

    Weaver, Jordan S.; Khosravani, Ali; Castillo, Andrew; Kalidindi, Surya R.
    Recent spherical microindentation stress-strain protocols were developed and validated on Al-6061 (DOI: 10.1186/s40192-016-0054-3). The scaling factor between the uniaxial yield strength and the indentation yield strength ...
  • A Dataset for the Development, Verification and Validation of Microstructure-sensitive Process Models in Near-alpha Titanium Alloys 

    Pilchak, Adam L.; Shank, Jared; Tucker, Joseph C.; Srivatsa, Shesh; Fagin, Patrick N.; Semiatin, Lee
    Near-alpha titanium alloys are used for moderate-temperature applications in the early stages of the compressor in gas turbine engines. The quasi-static and fatigue properties of these alloys depend heavily on microstructure ...
  • Combined Near and Far Field High Energy Diffraction Microscopy Dataset for Ti-7Al Tensile Specimen Elastically Loaded In Situ 

    Turner, Todd J; Shade, Paul A; Bernier, Joel V; Li, Shiu Fai; Schuren, Jay C; Lind, Jonathan; Lienert, Ulrich; Kenesei, Peter; Suter, Robert M; Blank, Basil; Almer, Jonathan (2015-12-16)
    High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy (HEDM) constitutes a suite of combined x-ray characterization methods, which hold the unique advantage of illuminating the microstructure and micromechanical state of a material during ...
  • Al-Cu Symmetric/Asymmetric Tilt Grain Boundary Dataset 

    Tschopp, Mark A.; Coleman, Shawn P.; McDowell, David L.
    Symmetric and asymmetric tilt grain boundaries in Cu and Al were generated using molecular statics energy minimization in LAMMPS with in-plane grain boundary translations and an atom deletion criterion. The following ...
  • 3-Dimensional Reconstructions of Porosity from Laser-Welds of 304L Stainless Steel at 600W and a Variety of Travel Speeds 

    Madison, Jonathan D.; Aagesen, L.K.; Chan, V.W.L.; Thornton, K. (2014-04-04)
    Porosity in linear autogenous laser welds of 304 L stainless steel has been investigated using micro-computed tomography to reveal defect content in 54 welds made with varying delivered power, travel speed and focal lens. ...
  • Crystallographic Texture Evolution in 1008 Steel Sheet During Multi-axial Tensile Strain Paths 

    Creuziger, Adam; Hu, Lin; Gnaeupel-Herold, Thomas; Rollett, Anthony D. (2013-12-30)
    This paper considers the crystallographic texture evolution in a 1008 low carbon steel. The texture evolution along uniaxial, plane strain and balanced biaxial strain states were measured. For uniaxial testing, grains tend ...
  • 3D microstructure reconstruction of polycrystalline nickel micro-tension test 

    Shade, Paul A; Groeber, Michael A; Schuren, Jay C; Uchic, Michael D (2013-11-01)
    This article describes a new approach to characterize the deformation response of polycrystalline metals using a combination of novel micro-scale experimental methodologies. An in-situ scanning electron microscope (SEM)-based ...