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    • Nature of Long-Range Order in Cu3+xAu1-x 

      Gehlen, P. C.; Cohen, J. B. (2003-11-17)
      The diffuse scattering and intensities of Bragg peaks from single crystals of Cu77Au23 and Cu78Au22 have been studied for various degrees of long‐range order. The results indicate that the excess Cu atoms, replacing Au in ...
    • Ni Self-Diffusion 

      Maier, K; Mehrer, H; Lessmann, E; Schüle, W (2013-06-26)
      Self-diffusion in nickel single crystals is measured between 813 and 1193 K using ion-beam sputtering as a microsectioning technique. Gaussian activity-depth profiles are observed over about three orders of magnitude in ...
    • On the Anomalous Self-Diffusion in B.C.C. Titanium 

      Kohler, U; Herzig, C.H (2013-07-03)
      Self-diffusion of the Ti44 is measured in Beta-Titanium under UHV conditions int eh whole range of existence of the bcc phase. The Arrhenius plot shows a strong upward curvature in agreement with previous investigations ...
    • Phase equilibria and thermodynamic calculation of the CoeTa binary system 

      Shinagawa, Kazuya; Chinen, Hibiki; Omori, Toshihiro; Oikawa, Katsunari; Ohnuma, Ikuo; Ishida, Kiyohito; Kainuma, Ryosuke (2014-09-29)
      Experimental investigation and thermodynamic evaluation of the CoeTa binary phase diagram was carried out. Equilibrium compositions obtained in two-phase alloys and diffusion couples were measured by electron probe ...
    • Raw and Processed Data to Generate Three-Dimensional Grain Map of Open-Cell Aluminum Foam 

      Plumb, Jayden; Lind, Jonathan; Tucker, Joseph; Kelley, Ron; Spear, Ashley (2018-08-03)
      A three-dimensional grain map of an investment-cast, open-cell, aluminum foam is generated using a combination of experimentally derived and synthetically derived data. Specifically, the experimental data are derived from ...
    • Self-Diffusion and fast cobalt impurity diffusion in the bulk and in grain boundaries of hexagonal titanium 

      Herzig, Christian; Willecke, Ralf; Vieregge, Klaus (2013-07-03)
      Bulk Self-Diffusion was measure in alpha-Titanium single crystals between 776 and 1132 K using the radiotracer Ti44 and ion beam sputtering for profile sectioning.
    • Self-diffusion in aluminum at low temperatures 

      Burke, J.; Ramachandran, T. R. (2014-01-20)
      Values of the self-diffusivity of pure aluminum in the temperature range 130∮ to 200° have been determined by measuring the rate of annealing of prismatic and faulted dislocation loops in thin foils of quenched 99.999 pct ...
    • Self-Diffusion in Solid Chromium 

      Hagel, W. C. (2013-07-08)
    • Single-Lap-Joint Screening of Hysol EA 9309NA Epoxy Adhesive 

      Jensen, Robert E.; Flanagan, David P.; DeSchepper, Daniel C.; Silton, Miriam S.
      A commercial 2-part epoxy was evaluated per ARL-ADHES-QA-001.00 rev 1.0, which consists of single-lap-joint testing at room temperature and subsequent hot/wet and elevated temperature conditioning. This testing protocol ...
    • Spherical nanoindentation stress-strain curves of commercially pure titanium and Ti-6Al-4V 

      Weaver, Jordan S.; Priddy, Matthew W.; McDowell, David L.; Kalidindi, Surya R.
      Spherical nanoindentation combined with electron back-scattered diffraction was employed to characterize the grain-scale elastic and plastic anisotropy of single crystal alpha-Ti for commercially pure (CP-Ti) and alloyed ...
    • Study of Si self-diffusion by nuclear techniques 

      Demond, F. J.; Kalbitzer, S.; Mannsperger, H.; Damjantschitsch, H. (2014-02-10)
      By using ion implantation for preparation and p, γ-reactions for analysis of 30Si profiles the Si self-diffusion has been studied in the temperature range of 830–1200°C. The results reveal unambiguously that the diffusion ...
    • Synchrotron Diffraction and Composition Data Sets of Co-Fe-Zr Metallic Glasses 

      Fang, Ren; Mehta, Apurva; Williams, Travis; Hattrick-Simpers, Jason R (2017-07-12)
      The dataset summarizes a series of high-throughput studies on the Co-Fe-Zr metallic glass system with a total of 1323 unique alloys having been investigated. The primary goal of the work was to identify unsupervised ...
    • Temperature Dependece of the Elastic Constants of Aluminum 

      Tallon, J.L.; Wolfenden, A. (1979-03-02)
      The single crystal elastic constants of aluminum have been measured using a piezoelectric composite oscillator from room temperature to just 20K below the melting point. The elastic moduli differ markedly from previous ...
    • Temperature Variation of the Elastic Constants of Cubic Elements. I. Copper 

      Overton, W.C.; Gaffney, John (1954-09-08)
      The ultrasonic pulse technique has been used in conjunction with a specially devised cryogenic technique to measure the velocities of 10-Mc/sec acoustic waves in copper single crystals in the range from 4.2°K to 300°K. The ...
    • Thermal Dilation of Copper 

      Eppelsheimer, D.S.; Penman, R. R. (1950-01-07)
      The prediction that certain cubic metals may not be precisely cubic throughout a range of temperature below their melting points led to the present investigation. Pure copper was chosen as the cubic metal to examine for ...
    • The Thermal Expansion of Pure Metals: Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Nickel, and Iron 

      Nix, F. C.; MacNair, D. (1941-08-08)
      Extremely accurate determinations of the linear thermal expansions have been made interferometrically from — 196°C to temperatures about +400°C for Al and +700°C for Fe, Ni, Cu and Au. The relationship between true thermal ...
    • Tracer Diffusion of Magnesium in Aluminum Single Crystals 

      Rothman, S. J.; Peterson, N. L.; Nowick, L. J.; Robinson, L. C. (2014-02-16)
    • Ultrahigh Carbon Steel Microconstituent Annotations 

      DeCost, Brian; Hecht, Matthew; Sibley, Txai; Francis, Toby; Webler, Bryan; Picard, Yoosuf; Holm, Elizabeth (2018-05-04)
      This dataset consists of scanning electron micrographs accompanied by microconstituent annotations, and is intended as a community benchmark dataset for microstructure segmentation and clustering tasks. The dataset consists ...